What is it?

The Hitzargiak Congress will be the space to gather together the activists involved in reviving Europe’s languages. These activists have been identified in the Hitzargiak project as they have set up good practices designed to strengthen minority languages. In the course of the project begun via this web site, we will be pausing at the Hitzargiak Congress to enable these activists to get to know each other in person. So the Congress will be aiming to showcase the work carried out within the framework of the initiative Hitzargiak – Languages Illuminating Each Other, as well as a space to make the content known to the general public, exchange experiences and create new knowledge. So it will be offering a space for those who are driving forward European languages to collaborate and where they can set up new relations and shared projects for the future.

One of the main features of the Congress will be diversity. In fact, one of its aims is to reflect the language diversity existing in Europe and also the broad range of experiences in the process to strengthen minority languages. In view of the fact that we have received information from many language communities, that we have gathered together very different practices set up in very different social sectors, and that behind these practices there are also highly heterogeneous activists, the Congress will include a varied offer of presentations and activities designed to activate relations, collaborations and synergies between them all.

So the Congress will have spaces available enabling all the activists to meet, places for working in small groups, theme spaces, others for working individually, hubs for establishing relations, private, social, formal, informal, passive, active, creative spaces, etc. taking into consideration at all times that the aim is dialogue and participation. At the same time, there will also be a chance to participate on-line, although participation will be mainly face-to-face.

What is it for?

The Hitzargiak Congress aims to provide language communities and their speakers who are in a consolidation process with the chance to get to know each other and to strengthen relations between them, so that their lines of action will thus be more effective in the future. The aims are basically as follows:

  • 1. To publicise the good practices and exemplary cases designed to strengthen European languages and the strategic activists that are behind them.
  • 2. To give the activists the chance to get to know and learn from each other.
  • 3. To drive forward or strengthen the relations between the activists and offer them the chance to collaborate in the future.
  • 4. To integrate the mission and values of the Hitzargiak Congress into society; in other words, to inform society that the attitudes protecting European linguistic diversity are an example of coexistence and sustainability.

Why at the Orona Ideo Centre?


The ORONA Foundation is a not-for-profit body and ORONA IDEO is seeking to become a meeting place for organisations in the educational, institutional and socioeconomic spheres. The aim of the ORONA Foundation is to develop different aspects of the area (socioeconomic, cultural, educational, social and sports). To do this it is encouraging a pro-active model based on collaboration with social players and is making available its human capital infrastructure and, if need be, its fundraising.

Bearing in mind that the bases of the Hitzargiak project coincide with the principal aim of the ORONA Foundation, the ORONA IDEO space will be an ideal venue for organising the Hitzargiak Congress. It also offers the ORONA Foundation a good opportunity to realize its aim to offer the necessary resources.

When and Where?


23 (Thursday) and 24 (Friday) June, 2016


The ORONA IDEO Building of the ORONA Foundation in the Galarreta suburb of Hernani.